Circles in Circles within Circles … is the central idea here. The colors vary from black to charcoal to light grey to white, adding cobber and silver.

Measurement of Pattern: Diameter 29 cm (8-thread linen)
Measurement of Tablecloth: 70 x 70 cm

The Tablecloth is sewn with double yarn (2 threads in the needle).
On the picture, the Tablecloth is decorated with Chocolate Flowers (Cosmos Atrosanguineus), from my garden.

Circles Pattern

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Light Lines

Light lines

I have designed the Light Lines runner, as a way of exploring DMC’s neon thread. My opion is that an embroidery usualy benefits from surprising details, and I have used DMC neon for that purpose. Also I have wanted to create special patterns dedicated to this particular type of thread.

The pattern is sewn with 50 stiches between. The pattern can easily be modified in width/lenght depending on the wanted size of the runner.
Mørk Light lines

Light lines

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Grey Silver

Grey Silver


I made the design for this pillow on a hot summer day. Yet, the pillow was intended as a “winter’s tale”, accompanied by ice lanterns in the snow. I’m very pleased with the result!

Made with a double thread on linen – 8 threads/cm. Size about 22 x 22 cm.

Float Glass Embroidery

Float Glass Embroidery

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Based on the glass bowls from last weeks post.For the opaque glass I used normal cross stitches. The transparent glass effect was done using backstitches and half stitches. Tablerunner, ca. 16 x 16 cm on linen, 10 thread pr. cm.

Three Bowls in Float Glass

These small bowls were my first attempts at working with float glass. I like the finished work. Also, all fingers are intact.

The blue bowl is decorated with seagulls (not angels). The seagulls were drawn directly onto the blue colored powder. The transparent edge was easy to make. I just had to whipe/remove the colored powder with my fingers.

After the second bowl (the white/orange), I were back in the world of cross stitching. This was like creating patterns with colored glass instead of needle and thread.

The third bowl inspired me to create a new cross stitch pattern, which is almost finished.

I look forward to do more work in this exciting way.