Angel 2007 with Stars

Cross- and backstitched on linen (10 threads per centimeter).


DMC: xxxx = 834, aaaa = 3347, oooo = 367, ______ backstitches = 319

Danish Flowerthread: xxxx = 236, aaaa =100, oooo=238, ______ backstitches=210


DMC: xxxx = 834, ______ backstitches = 368

Danish Flowerthread: xxxx = 236, ______ backstitches = 224

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I have used the Cats design on a number of occasions. The above image is a section from a spectacle case in petit point. I actually started out by doing a papercut of the cats, and from that, the cross stitch pattern evolved. I think the pattern is effective, no matter how it is used.

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Wedding II (2007)

Wedding II is composed of a small and a large pattern. The patterns can be stitched the way they’re shown, or they can be stitched without edges and in a single colour. The patterns can also be combined with the other version of Wedding, found on this web site.

Colour key (DMC):

A: 762, X: 310, B: 340, W: White, K: 368.

Colour key (Dansk Blomstergarn)

A: 20, X: 240, B: 230, W: 600, K: 10.

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