Red Sports Cars

Red sports cars for the bread basket. Finished dimensions approx. 18.5 x 18.5 cm.

Made on linen canvas (8 threads/cm) with flora-cotton from fruzippe. Use 2 threads in the needle. Whole cross stitches and back stitches have been used. The colors are red 198, gray 121 and black 341.

The striped embroidery in the background is made with 4 half cross stitches in width, also with double thread in the needle. There are 10 threads between the stripes.


This can be used as a wall hanger or table runner. Finished dimensions approx. 132 x 19 cm. Made on linen canvas (7 threads/cm). Embroidered using cross stitches and contour stitches. A remnant of linen yarn is tied on like tassels. The fabric is divided so that there are areas for embroidery, and areas where all the crossthreads are pulled out.


This is a design that I made in 2022. The finished size of the table runner is 37 x 75 cm. It is stitched on linen (7 threads/cm) with two threads in the needle.

The following colors have been used (flora-cotton / DMC):

XX / OO: 443 / 3839 (whole and half stitches) 
YY: 148 / 165 (whole stitches)
GG: 111 / 702 (whole stitches) 
Contour stitches: DMC E 301

The pattern was repeated 18 times. It is free – enjoy!

Snowdrop (Galantheus)

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A table runner made with DMC yarn scraps in various brown and golden colors. A few white stripes give some light to the embroidery.

The stripes are embroidered with contour stitches and the flower with whole and half cross stitches. Everything is embroidered with 2 threads in the needle.

Made on linen canvas (8 threads/cm), and the finished dimensions are approx. 128 x 23 cm.

Grandma’s Leftover Yarn

I have transformed a large amount of yarn scraps of different quality into an embroidered work: four panels, and a small tablecloth.

The panels are called: “Flowers”, “Pharmacy”, “Wood” and “Serotonin”. The tablecloth is called “Fragments”.

Each of the four panels measures approx. 118 x 32 cm. They can be used separately as a table runner. The tablecloth measures approx. 66 x 47 cm.

It is all made on linen canvas (8 threads per cm.), and is embroidered with two threads in the needle. Contour stitches are used throughout.

First, I divided the yarn scraps into four equal piles, sorted by size. The colors were also sorted.

It was fun to come up with a theme for each panel, and to stick to the pile of yarn scraps that each panel had been assigned.

The tablecloth stands out more clearly in the colors. There is only one shade for each motif. The panels have had all possible shades mixed together, and of large and small scraps. Then the colors mix, almost like when you paint.

Angel 2023

Here’s a “paper folding” inspired pattern!

Finished dimensions are approx. 95 x 22 cm. Stitched on linen canvas (8 threads/cm) with flora-cotton from fruzippe. DMC yarn can also be used.

Cross stitches are embroidered using two threads in the needle. Backstitches and contour stitches are embroidered using one thread in the needle.

The squared pattern is obtained by embroidering every other row with backstitches, and every other row with contour stitches.

Make rows of stitches and contour stitches at each end of the runner. The backstitches are pressed backwards, and the contour stitches forward. On linen canvas it is easy to do this using your fingers.


Spring 1999

Withered leaves, snow and spring flowers on the rise.

Small embroidery, 29 x 29 cm. Made on 12 threaded linen canvas. Contour stitches, cross stitches and petit point have been used.