Circles in Circles within Circles … is the central idea here. The colors vary from black to charcoal to light grey to white, adding cobber and silver.

Measurement of Pattern: Diameter 29 cm (8-thread linen)
Measurement of Tablecloth: 70 x 70 cm

The Tablecloth is sewn with double yarn (2 threads in the needle).
On the picture, the Tablecloth is decorated with Chocolate Flowers (Cosmos Atrosanguineus), from my garden.

Circles Pattern

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Abstract free hand drawings, shapes this pattern.

It can be repeated four times, to create a pattern surface.
Embroidered by using both whole and half stiches, thereby creating two nuances, despite just using the one color.

The 10 outer rows of the tablecloth pattern, is embroidered on the napkin.


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A long, drawn-out pattern of lace inspired stitchings in orange thread, this tablecloth or runner reminds me of age old traditions as they have been practice for hundreds of years in this country. This is simply my interpretation of that which reminds me of these traditions.


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The pattern can be repeated to the length you desire. Each section is 17 cm wide and 14 long if sewn on 10 thread/cm linen. You can also use the extra edge pattern to adjust or combine everything into that which you would like. Enjoy everything!