Tulip 2009

The pillow and table runner were created by experimenting with the shapes of brush strokes when using acrylic paint. The first piece was the red table runner, made on fine linen. Both pillows were done black/gray on coarse linen.

Vase-Runner (2008)

The runner is stitched on a band of linen, about 16 centimeters across, 8 threads per centimenter. Stitch the runner together, so that it forms a pocket (as shown on the photo). Put a glass/vase into the pocket for flowers, or fill it with chocolates. The pocket can also lie flat on its side.

DMC (Dansk Blomstergarn)

XXXX = 794 (21)

mmmm = 552 (234)

…. = 791 (23)

2222 = 734 (26)

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