Fantasy Flowers

Flowers picked from two bouquets have been the starting point for this tablecloth’s fantasy flowers. Finished size 65 x 40 cm. Embroidered on 8 threaded linen canvas.

The flowers are drawn directly on the fabric, and the outline is embroidered with 2 threads in the needle. It is embroidered with flora-cotton from fru zippe.

The structure of the flowers emerges when embroidering with 1 thread in the needle with whole and half cross stitches. That is, each flower is embroidered with just one color.



Click to view pattern.

Click to view pattern.

Galanthus, the little messenger of spring, and one of my favorite flowers. The design was made in over-size, and was stitched onto linen (8 threads pr. cm.).

Finished size is approx.  60 x 60 cm.

Tulip 2009

The pillow and table runner were created by experimenting with the shapes of brush strokes when using acrylic paint. The first piece was the red table runner, made on fine linen. Both pillows were done black/gray on coarse linen.

Red Bell (1991)

Stitched on linen (12 threads per centimeter).

DMC (Dansk Blomstergarn):

TTTT = 352 (12) Cross stitch + backstitch “line”

…. = White (600)

Backstitches “squiggle” = 791 (23)

Backstitches “dot” = 603 (37)

View pattern (1/2)

View pattern (2/2)